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Child Labor in the late 1800s-1900

Random Shit...


I'm past the, heart broken

never even spoken stage


I don't wana , think about it

all up in a jelous rage


mixing my emotions

I dont have a clue

dont listen to the next part

it's all about you




You got me all worked up

now im feeling lonely

all shook up

listen very closely

im upside down

rockin up the building

but you dont care

used me for the riding

And there she sat
This pretty little girl all frilled up like a princess
Her dress fit her tiny body like a glove
Her hair lay neatly curled atop her head
The one night she had been looking forward to
Torn to pieces
A tear drop was shed from her done up eyes
She let it fall just like her heart
On that cold Saturday night
She sat on her porch all alone
Wishing she had someone to wipe that tear away
Her friends said she could join them
But she decided to stay behind
This night wouldn't be the same without him
And so she wait
For hours she sat there and waited
Her mom stood ready to take the pictures
Her dad awaited to shake his hand
But he never came
He left her alone, all alone

Do you remember when you were little? How you used to do mean things to your crush. How when you were on the playground, he was the one you'd chase. How you didn't mind him being mean back to you because you knew it was just because he loved you too. Well that crush of mine wasn't you. It never was. I didn't know you then. You didn't know me. We had never seen, or heard, or talked to one another. Yet we did think about each other. And yes... we did dream about each other. Do you remember when you used to lay secretly in bed and imagine your future, your life, your plans? How you never knew exactly who it was, but you knew that one day you would find each other. How no matter what it would take to find that person, you knew you had to. I never knew mine would come so soon. I'm so young, and so ignorent to what lies ahead of me. It's wierd though, how I used to lay in bed with that dream not knowing who was standing next to me at the alter. Not knowing who that man was holding my baby after the birth. Not knowing who would be there be my side as life dies down to an end. I still have that same dream you see. Only now it's different. Now the person in those dreams, the person standing by my side is clear. That person is you. So young I am. I don't know what the knots in my stomach mean when I'm around you. I don't know why I get so weak in the knees, or why I can't find the words to say when I see you. Sometimes, though, I wonder if you think the same thing. If you have the same dream. And if you do... am I the one by your side? Do you get weak in the knees when you see me? Or is it someone else. Do you remeber when you were little and you would do mean things to the one you had a crush on? I do... I'm still doing it. Just not to the same little boy. Though not much time has passed since I first met you. I feel like we've known each other for a lifetime. We've been through everything. You've seen my cry, and you've seen my laugh. I've watched you make hard decisions, and I helped you through them. I do wonder. I wonder if any other girl thinks about you the way I do. Are you the man is their dream too? Do they get weak in the knees when they see you? Sometimes I know that you don't think of me like you do other girls. Sometimes I run to my room and cry, not knowing what about until I remember you. I remember that you don't do the mean things that I do to you. I remember that you say it'll work between us, when I know it won't. Listen... and if you listen close enough you can hear one heart beat. If you listen closer, there is two... but there it goes back to one again. One heart beat that you and I both share. You and I are like one. We just don't realize it. Do you remember when we used to fight? The fight still continues... just not out loud. We keep it to ourselves afraid the other one isn't thinking the same. We are though. How when one of us is mad, the other one is too. How when one of us is in pain, so is the other. How we are exaclty the same, yet not the same at all. Sometimes my heart pounds so hard I don't know if it will ever stop... then it slows down and time just slows down. Like it knows that I just want one special moment with you and you only. Does your heart do that. Does it beat so fast and then so slow at the same time? Mine does. Do you remember anything I just said? Did any of this matter to you? How my feelings are cooped up inside and never let out to their full extent. Are yours? How sometimes I feel like telling you everything, but stop just in time. And... how I only do all of it... because I love you.

I am a crazy fifteen year old who just wants to have fun

I wonder what people think when they first set eyes on me

I hear the roaring music at the best concerts to be found

I see the excitement in the eyes that some find hard to see

I want everything to be viewed as I view it now

I am a crazy fifteen year old who just wants to have fun


I pretend nobody is watching with hate in their eyes

I feel the tension disapear and be replaced with peace

I touch the happiness from others and pass it on

I worry someday my spontanious world will come crashing down

I cry when I remember the hateful opinions of others

I am a crazy fifteen year old who just wants to have fun


I understand how someone may not understand me

I say live every day like it's your last

I dream of living up to my own standards and no-one else's

I try and spread all that I have to others

I hope that even you will understand

I am a crazy fifteen year old who just wants to have fun

When it's raining and it's cold

an umbrella above you i'll hold

And if someone ever makes you cry

I'll make sure they want to die

Because I'm your hero

If you need help sneaking out

I'll be there... no dought

If alone everyone leaves you to stand

I'll be there to hold your hand

Because I'm your hero

If you have nothing to wear

You know my closets always there

If your consience tells you something wrong

I'll be there to hold you strong

Because I'm your hero

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