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Child Labor in the late 1800s-1900

Prince Charming...


So I've been waiting in this tower

Just like the witch had said

And because she cast the wicked spell

I have no love to shed


Once a prince stopped by

Riding on his steed

He sat out front my window

And said a princess he was in need


"Well you've wasted you time"

I shouted back

"There is no prince for me,

For it's love that I lack."


He rode away as fast he could

And this I will not lie

How rude of him to ride away

Without a simple goodbye


I bow shot through my winodw

On the following day

I looked down beyond the garden

"Who goes there!?" I quickly say


"For it is me oh princess

So don't go run and hide

Just jump upon the back my horse

And away together we shall ride"


"Oh no" I say without a thought

Of whom this man could be

"For all I know you are a robber,

or a thief who could steal me!"


The next day was as followed

But what happened was quite odd

For the next man who came to my window

Greated me with a nod


"Let down your hair my princess

and I will climb up top

to save you from this dreadful tower

Of which a spell you can not stop."


Okay now I'm not stupid

So I didn't let down my hair

Don't you think that would hurt a bit

But to that he did not care


A lady came to my window

On the following night

Telling me to kiss a toad

For she was not to bright


Another woman tried to feed me an apple

Of which poisen it did contain

So of course I smashed the apple

Feeling that I would go insane


All of these different people

Either here to help or kill

I am sick and tired of waiting

For a man to pay the bill


After many weeks of waiting

A man walked up to the porch

"Hello there pretty lady,

Would you like to ride upon my horse?"


As I was about to yell

And tell him to go away

"I've heard about you pretty princess,

Can't I just please stay?"


He looked around my tower

And nodded in disgrace

I assumed he didn't approve

Because of the expression on his face


"Now what's a fine younge lady

Doin' in a dump like this."

"A which has cast a spell on me

Until true love's first kiss."


"I guess I have a problem

with finding 'Mr. Right',

For every time a man comes around

I always pitch a fight."


"Well I don't know if I can help

But I guess I sure can try

They just call my Prince Charming

Cuz of my style and my pride.


I'd rather be called Harold

Or Dr. Love will do just fine

Cuz I won't make you kiss a toad

Or climb up your hair until you whine.


So let's just do an experiment

And see what happens then

For maybe I am your true love

And a kiss would make the end."


So me being me and well him being him

 I had to do what he said

So I leaned right in and tilted my neck

to find something else instead


That after I had kissed him

And that I think I did it right

For I am out of practice

With not a prince to be with at night


As I opened my eyes and smiled

For there's soemthing I could tell

That sometimes it takes Prince Charming

To get you out of a wicked spell


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